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Our Covid Procedure 

Below is the full procedure we will follow for every trip for the foreseeable future, with the safety of our passengers and driver at the forefront.


When arriving at the pick-up point at the appropriate distance your driver wearing PPE, will ask you to leave any luggage beside the coach and advise that all handles/touch points will be disinfected with spray before they are loaded onto the coach.


You will be asked to queue using the 2 meter rule to join the coach.


One at a time or couples (if travelling together) your temperature will be checked. As above any passenger with a temperate of 37.8c of higher will be refused boarding.


Note: If you are traveling in a pair and one has a temperature both will be refused boarding



After your temperature has been checked,  hand sanitizer will be provided and the driver will check you are wearing your face covering before entering the vehicle.

You will then be asked to fill seats from back to front and not to sit in seats that have been blocked off. Meaning the 1st passengers should head to the back and sit in the last available seat, letting the next passengers on once the previous are half way back, to then sit in the next available seat.


Once everyone is seated the luggage will be loaded, the driver will re-join the coach ensuring air conditioning is on the fresh air setting and the process will restart at each pick-up point.


Repeat step 1-7 at all pickups before starting your journey.




Passengers should be instructed the on board facility should only be used in extreme circumstances. A comfort stop must be made within every 2hrs max while on route to the destination (after pick-ups have been completed).


At comfort stops the driver should instruct all passengers to disembark from front to rear using social distancing in the aisle and get off the coach before any passengers start to disembark. Passengers must not cross in the aisle at any time.


Once the coach is empty every surface including handrails, seats, headrests, tray tables etc, that may have been touched must be sanitised with disinfectant spray. The toilet should also be disinfected if necessary.

Once arrived at the hotel follow the hotel procedure for check-in while following Step 9 for disembarking the vehicle.

Note: If a passenger becomes unwell during a tour they must be isolated (along with the person accompanying them) This should then be reported to management who will make the decision whether they are to re-join the tour or be returned home.




If you would prefer an copy of this information to download, please refer to the link down below:

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